The Life Eternal – Part 2 (Final)

Actually, everything in the evolutionary creation is wrought solely by the Infinite Power of God, Who works in eternal silence – from behind the screen as it were – unknown, unfelt and even unsuspected by most players who are in the passing flashlight of the stage. Some, through the grace of the Masters, or the grace of God, succeed in unlocking within their own being the hidden spring of divine love, which unveils the unlimited and certain understanding of the Infinite Divinity, which, in its eternity, comprehends not only the apparently beginningless past and the apparently transient present, but also the apparently interminable future.

The apparent infinity of the stretch of time is ultimately unreal, even as time itself is ultimately unreal. In the last spiritual understanding, which facilitates conscious Realization of the Absolute Truth, the illusory infinity of the time process is  taken up into the true Eternity of God’s Illimitable Life and Being. The God-Men, who get consciously established in the limitless understanding of God, can know the past, the present and the future. But for them, this knowledge of the fleeting shadows of Eternity is far less important than complete merging into the fathomlessness  of God, Infinite Understanding and Infinite Truth or Reality.

In fact, everyone without exception has his true existence only in, and as, this Limitless Being of God as Absolute Truth. But it is like having some hidden treasure, which, although in our possession, is as good as nonexistent as long as it remains unknown. The sole purpose of evolutionary creation is to place the soul in conscious possession and enjoyment of this infinite treasure. In the Perfect Ones, God works toward this end consciously. But it is He alone who works through everyone and everything else; and, although this work is mostly unconscious, it also leads to the same end.

This may be clarified with the analogy of breathing. Breathing is the very basis of life, and the stopping of breath means dropping the physical body, without terminating the existence of the soul. But this breathing is for the most part carried on unconsciously, and we become conscious of it only in cases of exceptional effort. In the same way, God’s working through the evolutionary processes is mostly unconscious and silent, and the stopping of this working brings about the end (pralaya)  of creation, without terminating the existence of God Himself. God becomes conscious of His working only in the rare cases of the God-Men who own and enjoy Godhood in Life Eternal.

For ages and ages, God has been working in silence, unobserved and unnoticed, except by those who experience His Infinite Silence.

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p3974

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