Becoming empty and naked

Baba used to tease Pukar by prodding his stomach with an aluminum basin used by Baba to wash his hands, and which was kept by his side in mandali hall. One morning when Baba prodded Pukar, he smiled at the resultant sound it produced and said, “Pukar is full of emptiness,” and added, “To be full of emptiness is the ideal state. Do you understand its real meaning?”

Kenmore replied, “It means to empty yourself of all the ideas, wants and attachments experienced in maya, like squeezing out the dirty water from a sponge.”

Baba nodded and explained further:

It means turning one’s heart and mind inside out ā€” becoming empty and naked. To be empty means to be rid of all desires, and it concerns the heart. To be naked concerns the mind, and means not to care for the opinions, criticism or censure of others in one’s pursuit of the true Goal.

… Baba asked Kenmore what he understood by this. He replied, “Not to be attached to worldly things.”

Baba added, “It is correct. Only if you become deaf, dumb and blind to the world can you get God. Ego cannot then attack you from any direction.

ā€“, p4590
Sept, 1959; Meherazad


“When the heart is completely purified, God is realized. God forgives everything except hypocrisy, which He never forgives.”
(, p4297)

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