Practical way to develop love

On the 9th, during his interview, Walter’s brother Oscar asked, “What hinders me from being a better and truer Christian, and so also a better husband and father?”

Baba answered,

“You must try, as far as possible, to live the life that Christ lived. Not by theory and intellectual understanding alone should one try to follow Christianity, but it is the feeling — love — that has to be lived.”

“How can I do that?” Oscar Mertens asked.

“To develop love, you have to do it practically; that is, you have to experience it in everyday life. You must lessen your desires and make others happy by thinking less of your own happiness. This can be done. By desire, I mean selfish desires … It is all very practical and very simple; but people always make it complicated.”, p1625
Jul, 1934; Zurich

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