On obeying Baba’s orders

In the evening of 7 February, Baba gave an explanation to the mandali about the importance of obeying his orders:

The best way of all for a disciple is to obey the orders of his guru, without using his mind and thinking over its merits or demerits. For instance, suppose Sidhu comes to me at noon and says that he is very thirsty. Considering the weather conditions and time, I may give him a cold drink.

Now suppose Dastur comes at night in cold, chilly weather and says that he is thirsty. I may prescribe hot coffee for him, considering the prevalent cold temperature. Now if Dastur remonstrates and mentally argues about why Sidhu was given a cold drink and himself coffee when both were thirsty, it is useless. He must only obey.

It is the same with saints and prophets who have given different doctrines and rules for attaining the same Goal of Truth, for these doctrines were given at different times and under different circumstances. These doctrines are, therefore, not to be mistaken for any error or superiority of importance of one over the other. They are ways to reach the same Goal and [when given by a Realized being] must be mechanically followed if Truth is to be realized. No argument, no discussion, no remonstrance.

So, my good boys, listen — listen to what I say: Obey my orders and each of you will eventually gain something — each according to his own worth. The spiritual Ganga [Ganges] is now flowing at Meherabad. So wash your face and feet with its waters if you are not destined to drink it. Time is passing and vain discussions will waste your time and take you nowhere. Be aware!

-www.lordmeher.org, p904
February, 1928; Meherabad

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