Beware of pride

Dastur entered, and a prolonged and heated discussion followed, in which Dastur angrily shouted his opinion. Baba admonished him, “What you say is true, but your way of talking is not good.” Dastur lost his temper again and flew into a rage, threatening to leave for Bombay. For some time Baba listened patiently and then replied, “If you want to go away you may. I don’t need you — you need me! You are not in the least obliging me by staying here.”

Hearing this, Dastur stood up and stalked off to his room. Disgusted by his behavior, Baba remarked, “How long am I to swallow this? You men don’t oblige me in any way by staying with me. Although I am your Master, I serve you; and you people are under the impression that you are serving me.”

In the evening Baba sent food to Dastur, but he refused it.

When it was sent again, Dastur relented. He informed Baba that he would be leaving the next day. Baba replied, “Beware of what will happen to you if you are proud.” Baba then forgave him, consoling him not to worry and have a good sleep.

The next day, the Master spent a long time explaining certain points to Dastur:

It is best if there is a balance between the head and the heart, but to combine them and keep them balanced is almost impossible. Even in small, petty matters, the intellect rules the heart and spoils its mood. There is nothing better than if your duty is performed according to my wish, and with a balance between the head and the heart. Try and I will help you.

Even as a little salt spoils an entire pail of fresh milk, so also the virtues of a man are nullified by a streak of pride in his character., p943
June, 1928; Meherabad

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