“The virtues of a man are nullified by a streak of pride”



“It is best if there is a balance between the head and the heart, but to combine them and keep them […]

Cultivate humility, courtesy, and politeness

On 19 April, Raosaheb complained about an Arangaon boy named Ramaji Reoji Kamble. Baba sent for the boy and asked, “Do you wish […]

Beware of pride

Dastur entered, and a prolonged and heated discussion followed, in which Dastur angrily shouted his opinion. Baba admonished him, “What you […]

Handling pride


One morning, when Baba was on an inspection tour, he came to Malcolm Schloss’ room and inquired how he was doing. “Very bad,” […]

20130303 – Never take pride in serving the Master who serves the universe

BABA LEFT Meherabad for Bombay on September 3, two weeks prior to his scheduled departure. He decided to go early to secure passports and […]