Cultivate humility, courtesy, and politeness


On 19 April, Raosaheb complained about an Arangaon boy named Ramaji Reoji Kamble. Baba sent for the boy and asked, “Do you wish to stay here or go back home?” Ramaji wished to leave, and Baba sent for his father. Baba asked the father to persuade Ramaji to stay, but the boy was adamant. When Baba again asked the boy why he felt so discontented, Ramaji would not reply. Baba then directed him to stay with the mandali instead of with the other boarders. Ramaji agreed to this.

Baba told him, “You are a good boy, but you have too much pride. All of you boys should cultivate humility, courtesy, and politeness, which are the true hallmarks of an educated gentleman.”, p805
April, 1927; Meherabad


“It is good to excel in whatever one takes up, so long as there is a feeling of humility with this excellence, for this leads to love of God, and to love God as He should be loved is the best excellence.” (, p 5008)

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