“Bhau is my John”


Bhauji joined Beloved Baba permanently on 23rd Oct 2013

A picture of Jesus walking on the sea and the apostle Peter beholding him hung in a corner of Baba’s room. The caption read: “Lord, save me, or I shall perish!” Pointing to it, Baba gestured to Eruch, “You are my Peter… .” Baba sent for a picture of Jesus at the Last Supper with the twelve apostles.

Pointing to the apostle John (leaning against Jesus’ chest), Baba gestured to Eruch, “Bhau is my John… .” Baba repeated this to Bhau on several occasions during these last days. While he was on watch, Baba explained, “John was the youngest of Christ’s disciples. Christ used to kiss and loved him dearly. Similarly, I love you… .”


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