The Divine Theme, Explained – Part 5 (Final)


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Touching on a few more points, Baba explained:

The subtle is latent in the gross. Those on the subtle plane can contact those in the gross body through their subtle body, because they cannot see the gross.

A majzoob is overpowered by the state of God in which he is drowned. Hence, he has no idea of the world. He has no mind. He has a body, but is not conscious of it. Then who feeds it? The Infinite state of his. The majzoob neither sees his own body, nor the body of anyone else.

A Perfect Master contacts God and all other states – gross, subtle and mental – at one and the same time. He helps all souls. He is called the“Camel-driver” in Sufi literature – the Qutub. He is the center of everything.

The Perfect Master has to work on all planes, and he rests continually on the seventh plane and enjoys the bliss of that plane. He balances both the states of bliss and suffering because of the infinite bliss, knowledge and power that he possesses.

Concluding, Baba remarked:

 I have explained to you all what you have to do tomorrow. Remember that much. Do not try to meddle with other details. Remember you have to go from “A” to “Z.” After passing through all the stages of evolution, you have come here, to human form. Now, I will take you from here to “Z,” that is, from the human state to the state of God.

Someone asked, “On the chart there are different castes and nationalities represented. Are any superior to others?”

Baba replied:

The souls of different castes, creeds and nationalities shown on this chart are all equal and have no superiority or inferiority. The order on the chart has no numerical value. It means that all the souls on earth of different nationalities are those who are now foolishly fighting among themselves, and are all one. They do not kill, they do not die, as is supposed in the gross world, since this is all gross imagination.

Some call the Ocean of Paramatma Allah, some call Him Ishwar, someAhuramazda, some God.

I call Him Meher Baba.

–, p2885

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