Body consciousness of ordinary human being, lover of God and the Avatar


It is but natural for the human body on this gross plane to fall ill. But when one loses oneself in the love of the Beloved, then the body is immune from illness. The fire of love burning within is such that it neutralizes any bodily disorder. The love of the masts for God has no comparison. Very, very few possess such love and their bodies remain unaffected.

…What I have said so far is about lovers of God. For those who realize God and do not regain normal, physical consciousness and yet return to their bodies, for them their bodies have no existence at all and no illness touches them. These are real majzoobs. But those who come down to normal consciousness after God-Realization and live among humanity, their bodies are susceptible to all sorts of sickness and diseases like ordinary human beings.

Now, what is the difference between you and me? I know that this body is nothing but a coat, just like the coat I wear. This is not mere conviction or intellectual knowledge; it is my continuous experience that this body is just a coat. This experience you have not. My continuous, eternal experience is that all of you are me, and you all are in me. I am in you and in everything indivisibly. I say this on my divine authority.

…Every day when you are in deep sleep, you enter into the most original Beyond-Beyond state of God, where nothing exists. When you gradually awaken, you first pass through the dream state, and when you are fully awake, you create the universe and all things therein, and are conscious of this whole show once again. In deep sleep you absorb everything and upon awakening create it, as everything is within you. Daily when Niranjan awakens, he sees this world, and when he sleeps, the world disappears. It is absolutely necessary that Niranjan becomes fully awake in deep sleep, and then there will be an end to all things. This is the conscious state of God.

…Just imagine how impossible it is to be wide awake in deep sleep! It sounds ridiculous but it is true, and it is possible to attain that state. But it is said that one reaches that state only after cycles and cycles.

–Date and place: Nov1955; Meherabad
Lord Meher (First Ed), p4764 (Revised 2014), p3818

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