A clean, open, receptive heart


Questioner: The East is mystical, the West practical.

Baba: The practical mind of the West and the mystical mind of the East must go hand in hand. Then only is the real balance of the head and heart achieved.

 Questioner: And when will that be?

Baba: Soon. There has been a marked awakening in the West for the inner life and Truth, and the time will soon come when the world will know the real value and purpose of life.

 Questioner: I felt that life was a mathematical problem, dry, cold, and shallow, with nothing real, substantial, and deep inside.

Baba: Let me explain. Truth is not to be intellectually understood, but is to be felt, experienced, and realized. And for that, no intellectual gymnastics or logical arguments are necessary, but a clean, open, receptive heart that accepts what is given and poured in.

 Questioner: Yes, Baba, I now understand. But how could I achiese it, receive it?

Baba: I will give it to you.

Questioner: Oh, how grateful!

[Here Baba gives her a certain thought to meditate on with his explanation of the process of how to do it, avoiding the pitfalls. She is so pleased with the central thought given her for meditation that she exclaims, “How wonderful” in an ecstatic mood. And when Baba says, You will feel my help, tears fill her eyes and trickle down her cheeks.]

–Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled and edited by Naosherwan Anzar, p153


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