Keep your mind always towards the goal


Questioner: I am trying to realize the greater things in life, but find it extremely difficult to reconcile myself with the surroundings, which are all so material and to which I feel so apathetic.

Baba: It is all right if you feel that way.

Questioner: And should I still continue doing it, even if I think it is not right?

Baba: You need not worry if you feel the way you do outside the world of matter. And even while living with others and doing things as they like, if you feel within that it is all wrong, it is splendid. Let me explain. In India there are places like the Himalayas where the rishis (sages), ascetics, and mystics retire in seclusion, to be away from the world and meditate for years. But after years of such secluded life in the mountains and caves, when they return to the world, they find it very difficult to adjust themselves to its surroundings, and in many cases there is a reaction.

In the West it is different. Yet there are sincere souls here, too, who seek Truth. There is an awakening even in the West. But it is difficult to reconcile the two—material and spiritual living. I know how you feel. You  disappointed with this situation or conflict. You must always remember that in spirituality it is not the intellect and external life that matter, but it is the feelings and inner experiences that count. You can live in the world, do all your duties, and yet be spiritual. You shouldn’t run away from the world nor shirk your duties, but live in the world doing all your legitimate duties, keeping your mind always towards the goal.

Questioner: I didn’t know that. I thank you for your advice. I thought I was mistaken in living a life I didn’t want to and was puzzled. You know it is so difficult to live with people, even with the family who do not understand; and out of their regard for me, they all persuade me to live a life of ease and comfort that they live, but which I know and feel is not real. We must suffer, and yet I have to do it all for them, though all the while I feel it is wrong.

Baba: I understand, and as I have already told you, it is quite all right that you feel that way. The external life doesn’t matter if you feel differently internally. So don’t worry about this inner conflict. You will be helped. This contact will help you.

–Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled and edited by Naosherwan Anzar, p154



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