Creation is really a mighty joke


While at Guruprasad, on Thursday, 16 July 1959, Baba stated:

As the Highest of the High, I am the Wisest of the Wise, yet I have allowed myself to perform an act more foolish than any fool ever would. What is this foolish act of mine? Creating the creation!

Creation is really a mighty joke, but the laugh is at my own expense — and now the jest is proving a burden on my chest. Sometimes, I am so tired I feel like going to sleep for 700 years.

To the fool, a foolish action is more natural and effortless. But can you imagine the Most Wise exerting himself and stretching out to perform an act which is opposite to his attribute of Wisdom? That is why I say you can have no idea of what I mean when I say I am tired — it is beyond human understanding. , p4561
Jul, 1959; Guruprasad

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