“I have concern with you because I allow you to serve me”


One time when Bhau was keeping watch near Baba, he was wearing a pair of thin pajamas. Baba was lying down snoring. He had reminded Bhau not to make any noise, and so Bhau was sitting quietly.

Suddenly, he saw that Baba’s mosquito net was not closed properly, and if it was left as it was, mosquitoes might enter it and bite him. Slowly Bhau stood up, very careful not to make any noise, and he began taking a step toward Baba’s bed.

Baba got up and asked, “Why did you move?”

Bhau said, “I did not make any noise, Baba.”

He replied, “I heard the rustling of your pajamas.” Bhau had a look of amazement on his face.

Seeing his expression, Baba lost his temper. He scolded Bhau harshly and motioned with a disgusted look, “Go back to your home. You can no longer stay with me. I don’t want to see your face ever again.”

Bhau pleaded, “Baba, trains are running nearby, buses, cars and trucks are running on the roads. They are making a lot of noise! Occasionally there are even loudspeakers blaring music outside. You do not complain about that noise, but you complain about the fluttering of my pajamas.”

Baba sternly asked him, “Tell me whether I have chosen the trains, buses, trucks and cars to serve me, or have I chosen you for this purpose? Whom have I chosen? I have concern with you because I allow you to serve me. What concern do I have with trains, trucks or anyone else?”

Bhau realized his mistake and felt touched by Baba’s concern for him and for the privilege he had been given by being allowed to be near him.

-www.lordmeher.org , p4541
May, 1959; Guruprasad

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