Darshan every day


On one occasion, Eruch pleaded, “Baba, why not just let there be darshan every day? There will not be that mad rush or circumstances which are so oppressive for us all, and naturally it will not be as tiresome for you. When thousands come, the mothers have to stand in the queue for hours in the hot sun holding small babies and fruits that get spoiled by the time they reach you. And all the time, you will be concerned about where will they stay at night, how will they pass the night, how will they return home, will they get seats on the train. Why all this?

“Why not give darshan every day? We will fix the time each day when darshan will be available, and we will not need to bother about their lodging. Let them come every day. It will be so much easier,” Eruch concluded.

Baba replied, “That time will also come…”

Mani was in the hall, and after hearing this exchange, she envisioned an entirely new set of circulars announcing “Darshan every day,” and later another one canceling it for reasons of Baba’s health. She tried to stall any sudden announcements by interjecting, “Baba, why not wait and see how you feel. You can decide then.”

Baba listened and gently repeated, “Every day. Every day…”


-www.lordmeher.org, p5363
Pctober, 1968; Meherazad



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