The meeting of the hearts

Baba, here or anywhere, knows, and that is the idea you should hold while facing him at this moment. Whatever state you have, joys […]

To touch the hearts

On Saturday, 17 May 1952, an open-house darshan program was held in the Barn from 7:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and again […]

“The recipient of my darshan owes it to his good fortune”

Although Baba remained in seclusion, on occasion he would allow individuals to see him. When Ramakrishnan in Poona learned that a few people had […]

Darshan every day


On one occasion, Eruch pleaded, “Baba, why not just let there be darshan every day? There will not be that mad rush or […]

“It is this darshan that will have meaning for those who know and love me.”

During the last four years of Meher Baba’s life, he was in strict seclusion and stopped all external communication with those who knew and […]

“Think of me and don’t worry”

After the darshan, Baba visited the homes of Kutumb Sastri and Mallikarjuna Rao, and also the Andhra Meher Centre. Introducing a woman at his […]

“They will have that longing for me, and that is my real darshan.”

When Bhau was with Baba during night watch, Baba would ask about the letters received. One day Bhau asked, “All of the letters […]

Austere penance and privations for births on end brings one to Baba

During this period, Baba took the women for an excursion back to Marble Rocks. He explained to them:

Do you know, do you have […]

The Relationship with the Master in Spiritual Life – Mental contact

Once the aspirant experiences the bliss of the darshan of a Master, that sight gets carved on his mind. And even when he is […]

The Relationship with the Master in Spiritual Life – Value of darshan and sahavas

For an aspirant to see a Perfect Master does not yield its full significance except in the context of all the corresponding happenings of […]