“It rests with you to draw as much love as you can”

Sahavas means the give-and-take of love.

I wish that you remain happy in my sahavas… and draw as much of my love as possible. […]

“All are mine”


Those who love me are mine. The whole world is mine. You are all mine. Everything is mine. All are mine. Every individual […]

Meaning of Sahavas – Part 2 (Final)

What is meant by “you, yourself”? When you feel hungry, you say, “I am hungry,” when unwell you say, “I am sick,” and so […]

Meaning of Sahavas – Part 1

After embracing most of those gathered, Baba stated his explanations for the meaning of sahavas:

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“The best is not to ask for anything” – part 6 (Final)


However much I may explain, you cannot have a true idea of the enormous strain on my physical body in these last twelve […]

“The best is not to ask for anything” – part 1

[Directions Given By Meher Baba, November 1955 sahavas (Circular No. 25)]

No one, and that also includes those who have come for the sahavas, […]

The lover should permit himself to be totally consumed through his love


Books and discourses will never bring about one’s spiritual regeneration. The mind cannot be annihilated by the mind, just as one cannot jump […]

The Relationship with the Master in Spiritual Life – Value of darshan and sahavas

For an aspirant to see a Perfect Master does not yield its full significance except in the context of all the corresponding happenings of […]