Meaning of Sahavas – Part 2 (Final)

What is meant by “you, yourself”? When you feel hungry, you say, “I am hungry,” when unwell you say, “I am sick,” and so on. This I is the curtain or veil. Once this curtain disappears, you realize the unity of life — you realize that you yourself are That. It is due to this curtain of ego that we are involved in so many difficulties.

How to remove this curtain? Millions of births do not remove it. You all feel that I am THAT, but you are not conscious of my Real State. The reason is, you do not love me in the way you should.

For these six days, I want all of you to be in my constant company, on the same basis of intimacy as the mandali, and to observe my day-to-day activities. No one truly loves Baba, not even from among the mandali, although the mandali have been with me for years together. They are prepared on a mere sign from me to lay down their very lives at my feet; but they have not the sort of love I want. They are with me, though without love. Had they that love there would have been nothing for them to obey, because they would become One. But for obedience to be greater than love, it must be 100 percent., p3732
May 1955; Meherabad


“Live what you preach. Have 100 percent honesty or keep your mouths shut! The best judge as to whether you are honest and living up to what you preach is your own heart.” (LM online, p4994)





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