“It rests with you to draw as much love as you can”

Sahavas means the give-and-take of love.

I wish that you remain happy in my sahavas… and draw as much of my love as possible. Make the most of this opportunity.

I am the Ocean of Love. It rests with you to draw as much love as you can from this Ocean. It does not rest with me to explain to you how to love me. Try to understand it. Suppose a man loves a woman and vice versa. Is it ever possible for the man to tell the woman, or the woman to tell the man how they should love each other?

One thing is certain: I want to give you as much of my love as possible, but it rests with you to receive it. The easiest way is for you to forget about your home, family and worldly affairs when you are here, and try to be receptive to my love.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4246
15 February, 1958; Meherabad (1958 sahavas)


“Although I am ever with my lovers individually, I am always happy when they gather in my love.” (www.lordmeher.org, p5272)

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