Austere penance and privations for births on end brings one to Baba

Taj Mahal Agra 1939

During this period, Baba took the women for an excursion back to Marble Rocks. He explained to them:

Do you know, do you have any idea of how fortunate you are? I am sitting here with you, playing with you, talking with you, giving you my company, while elsewhere there are many who do not know how to live or die, because they want to see me! They thirst for my darshan but still I do not meet them.

There is one recluse in the mountains whose eyelashes touch the ground. He is living for my darshan, but I do not go and see him. There is another who is seven hundred years old, whose hair has grown so long it touches the ground, as if rooted there. He neither eats nor drinks, but only longs for me. And yet I do not see him either, though he craves to see me.

Why do I call you all here to me and allow you my company? It is because, for births on end, you underwent privations by performing austere penances of which you have no idea. That is why you are here with me now.

ā€“, p2006
April, 1939; Marble Rocks, Jabalpore

Photo courtesy: MSI collection

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