“Do you know why I descend on earth?”

Earnest replies to Baba’s circular issued before his fast, asking whether or not his lovers were prepared to place full trust in him, began pouring in as soon as the circular was in their hands.

 …. The number of replies continued to increase and, on just one day, 1500 were received! Baba would have every single letter read to him in mandali hall, which took from five to six hours daily. Kumar would read the replies. Baba would categorize them in different groups according to their response.

… Some letters Baba would have read four or five times, and he would also remember his lovers throughout the world during the night.

… Lovers and devotees who did not send replies in time (they had been told to reply before 20 November) would be sent reminders. Individual letters from each member of certain families were also received, although the circular had been addressed only to the head of the family. Baba himself would sometimes recall certain persons in one particular family who would be sent separate reminders.

In this way, Baba would remember many persons during the night, and Bhau had to send a long list to Adi every morning. As were Baba’s instructions, circulars had to be sent to each one, and in some cases personal letters. It went on every night, until Bhau started thinking: “Because Baba is not able to sleep, this is his pastime.”

One night Baba asked him, “What are you thinking?”

“Nothing,” Bhau replied, as usual.

Baba was in a good mood and explained, “Do you know why I descend on earth? I come on earth in order to worship the love of my lovers — and this is a way in which I worship. They worship me, and I worship them. They remember me, and I remember them. This is not my pastime.”

Age noted how during this period, Baba was mostly remembering his lovers all over the world. “By remembering them throughout the night,” it observed, “he was making an offering of his love to them and worshiping their love for him.”

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Nov, 1958; Meherazad (Fiery Free Life)

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