“Even the Sadgurus long to touch the Avatar physically”


Of the 56 God-realized souls [on earth], the five Perfect Masters are the most important; and the One who is the highest of all is the Avatar, myself. I come every 700 to 1400 years and it is undoubtedly a very rare and lucky thing for each of you to have the opportunity of loving me individually, since even the Sadgurus long to touch the Avatar physically.

When the world is in the grip of pain, misery, suffering, and chaos, I manifest myself. Spirituality then reaches its pinnacle and materialism is at its lowest level. Then again, with the passing of time, spirituality diminishes and materialism increases.

From the beginning of time this game has been going on, and it will go on for eternity.

I have a law of my own in managing the affairs of the universe. But when I speak, that law will be kept aside because the spiritual push will be universal. So the law which I have created for the universe will be set aside. But again the law establishes itself; then the spiritual power gradually diminishes and materialism increases, just like a seesaw. [Baba tilted his alphabet board up and down like a seesaw.] Material unrest and chaos will have to reach a climax, then I shall manifest. When I manifest, spirituality is at its highest.

-www.lordmeher.org, p820
Jun, 1927; Meherabad

Photo source: MSI collection

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