Rejuvenates and infuses new life

Questioner: Do you help individually or collectively?

BABA: As a rule Masters help individually according to the temperament and preparedness of the aspirant, but this being the Avataric period, i.e. the end of the previous cycle and the beginning of a new one which occurs every seven or eight hundred years, my spiritual help to humanity will be both individual and collective. The period of junction of the old and new cycle usually connotes the advent of a Master who rejuvenates and infuses new life and meaning into the old order of things and besides imparting the highest state of spirituality, the state of Oneness with the Infinite Ocean of Bliss, Knowledge and Power, to the select few, a general spiritual push is given to the whole universe.

Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled and edited by Naosherwan Anzar, p136

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