East-West Gathering – Conversations with lovers: “Try to remember me, try to please me, try to do as I wish” – Part 2 (Final)



Baba smiled, and continued:

A person on the spiritual path gets the urge to know God. Then, if on the Path, he begins to see lights, colors, et cetera. He thinks he has reached the Goal, he thinks that he is experiencing God. He does not realize he has not even begun the journey. It is all tamasha [farce]. There are lots of experiences of the Path, but all of them are but a passing show.

The sign of having realized God is that a person continually experiences, without a break, that he is everything and everyone. He is the Infinite Ocean of Bliss; he is Omnipotent and Omniscient. But this Experience is not obtained by everyone. Only one rare soul realizes God.

To realize God is not as easy as one thinks. But this can be gained through love for God — by becoming dust at the feet of the Perfect Master. You are no longer your own; you belong completely to the Perfect Master.

Hafiz says:

If you want to be the chosen one,
Leave everything and stick to him in obedience.
Then the questions of why, wherefore and what
Should not enter your mind.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4844
Nov, 1962; East-West Gathering, Guruprasad

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