East-West Gathering – Conversations with lovers: “Try to remember me, try to please me, try to do as I wish” – Part 1

To love God, one should think of God, long for God and suffer the fire of separation until such longing reaches its utmost limits and is quenched in Union. But one who obeys the Master, who is one with God, need not suffer, for in obedience there is the grace of the Master. Even obedience is not easy. Therefore, there is no solution at all.

Eruch is with me, he loves me, he works for me wholeheartedly, but even for him it is not easy to obey me.

Eruch interjected, “I just tell Baba we are helpless in this and all other matters. I found that out during my long stay of many years with Baba. I thought obedience was easy; but I did not know Baba would say ‘Get up’ and ‘Sit down’ at one and the same time! So I tell Baba: ‘I am absolutely helpless. I cannot obey you, I cannot love you!’ ”

Baba commented, “Eruch loves me very much. He is my right hand; but obedience is a terrible affair. The apostles of Jesus also knew how difficult it was to obey him.”

Eruch added, “We cannot please Baba even with obedience; so it is not obedience. Yet to please him is the aim of everything we do.”

Baba explained at length:

The best is to just remember me and forget everything else, leaving everything to me. This is a complicated matter for those who are very interested in spirituality, but not for those who love me. Try to remember me, try to please me, try to do as I wish. That is how you should live in the world; otherwise, it is too complicated.

Hafiz says:

When I first began to love God,
I thought that was the end of everything,
That I had fathomed the Ocean of Love;
But I was only on the beach!

Hafiz did not know anything about the Ocean. As soon as the Ocean touched him, he got a breeze of love; but then the waves tossed him back on the beach. He shouted:

O why did I crave for you, God?
What is this being tossed back and forth
from the Ocean to the shore?
I have left the world for you,
But I cannot find you!

Then the Perfect Master comes to Hafiz’s rescue. He teaches him that the “Pearl” [of Realization] is on the Ocean-bed. You have to learn to swim, then learn to dive, then find the Pearl and bring it back. After 40 long years, Hafiz got the Pearl in his hands. It took 40 years for him who was absolutely determined — not like you people here who have just heard of it!

-www.lordmeher.org, p4842
Nov, 1962; East-West Gathering, Guruprasad

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