Father, Son and Holy Ghost, explained – Part 1

Nilu asked, “What does it all mean about the Father, Son and Holy Ghost?”

Baba explained at length:
Father = Sat = Janan = Akshar = Behud (limitless);

Son = Shiv = Jaaney Janan = Uttam = Anhud (supreme, Unlimited);

Holy Ghost = Jeev = Jaan = Kshar = Hud (limitation).

To become Supreme, the state of Akshar is to be experienced.

To become Anhud, the state of Behud is to be experienced.

To become the Son, the state of the Father is to be experienced.

Beyond this all, there is the state of Unconscious Consciousness. But for the unconscious bliss to become supreme, the first state to be acquired is the state of being limited. Thereafter, the state of limitlessness is to be experienced; and for the Universal work, it has to be in the Beyond state.

Man = limitation = Kshar

God = limitless = Akshar

Avatar or Sadguru = Unlimited, Supreme = the Beyond


–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4163

–www.lordmeher.org(Revised, 2014), p3344

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