Father, Son and Holy Ghost, explained – Part 2

When the soul becomes one with the Oversoul, it is in the state of Behud. And when the Realized Soul “descends” from his Highest state for Universal work, meaning when he regains gross consciousness alongside his superconsciousness, he is in the state of Anhud. Because, being God, he is in both states β€” the limitless and the Beyond β€” and works for hud (limited ones).

Thus, in the state of the Father, the Realized One is not meant to do Universal work; but in the state of the Son there is Universal duty.

The Father state is contained in the Son state; and from the standpoint of Universal work, the Son state is higher than the Father state. From the viewpoint of Divine Consciousness, both states are one and the same; but in the Son state, the duty of Universal work is to be done; the Father state is without duty.”

“This is something quite new,” Nilu declared.

Eruch said, “It is absolutely essential for the Christian world to know and grasp this, because it does not understand this difference between the Father and the Son. They take the Son as less than the Father and according to what you have explained, it is not true.”

Baba replied, “Whatever it may be, I now want to be free from all this. It all relates to the world; but this subject deludes an ordinary man. When a magician performs his tricks, the children in their delusion take them to be real. But adults are not fooled, because they know it is all jugglery.”

Baba further explained:

He who comes down from the seventh plane β€” from the state of the Father β€” and acquires gross consciousness, is like a magician. When he does his tricks, the whole of humanity is like children to him, and his children consider his activities as “real.” But there is a heaven-and-earth difference between a magician of the seventh plane and a juggler of the gross plane. The duty of the Divine Magician is to sustain the universe. This means that while doing his work, he has to teach his children that what they see and hear is not true; and to do this, he has to raise the children’s powers of understanding. But all this, meant for the understanding of the world, becomes more delusive. Many a book has been written on this subject; but everything is like a coil of rope which those deluded are apt to take as a serpent. Everything is like the coil of rope β€” a fake!

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4163

–www.lordmeher.org(Revised, 2014), p3344

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