Father, Son and Holy Ghost, explained – Part 3

Even to feel fed up is also a delusion, and also when I say I am waiting to break my silence. But this delusion is of a high grade to make others un-deluded. The Master Juggler does his tricks to sustain the Truth so that the children should not go wrong. In that he gets fed up, wondering when the children will be able to understand him and come to know the Truth and say that it is all a fake.

There is nothing to know. Everything is for forgetting. Whatever can be understood is illusion. The highest understanding and the lowest are both illusion. What cannot be understood is Reality. We are what we are. What we were, we are, and what we are, we shall be. If you don’t understand this, it matters little. All that has to be understood is “illusion,” but if you understand what cannot be understood, then you will know that we were, we are and we shall be. You have to gain that consciousness.

In short, there has been no change in us, nor will there be any. The only difference lies in knowing that we are unaware of what we are β€” Infinite God and One. We began to understand ourselves differently as separate entities. This thinking of separateness is nothing but illusion. The wonder is that we were One with Infinite God, and today take ourselves as separate from Him. We began to think in terms of individuality β€” I am sick, I am happy, and so forth. Such understanding will have to be forsaken.

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4163

–www.lordmeher.org(Revised, 2014), p3345

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