Gratitude is the art of accepting life as being My Will


[Bal Natu’s ‘internal’ conversations with His Beloved Baba. Baba’s words are in bold]

You sat down, but I could not decide how to begin our conversation. You looked impatient. “Go on. Speak freely,” You urged.

“I just wanted to express how deeply indebted I am to You.”

“The emergence of that feeling has caused Me to manifest here.”

“I did not know that You hold gratitude in such high esteem. Could you tell me why?”

“Gratitude is a most lovable way of acknowledging My unconditional compassion. And it strengthens your relationship with Me. I have no expectation of it, for My own sake, but it is for your personal good.”

“In what way?”

“It opens up new informal avenues through which you may feel My presence more and more.”

“Will You please tell me, then — what is gratitude?”

“In a sense, gratitude is the art of accepting life, moment by moment, in whatever situation one finds oneself, as being My Will. You offer everything to Me, and receive everything from Me.”

“I wonder how in my daily living I can remain grateful to You.”

“Well, if you are honest about wanting to do this, then you will recognize My tender little graces — and these are many — while attending to daily chores or any important work. By the way, have you ever contemplated My most precious gift to you — the human form, or any part thereof: the eyes that see or the ears that hear?”

“Not seriously.”

“Then know well that in whatever you do, not even a millionth part can you claim as yours!” You pointed out the window. “Look at the sky and consider its expanse. The universe which is so vast is sustained by Me. So to call even a millionth part of any action your own is too large a fraction. All that is, is because of Me. You see only the outer panorama, a most faint reflection of the inner cosmos.”

Amazed and humbled, I replied meekly, “I was not aware of this. I am grateful to You for awakening me to the inner frontiers of my life. But the sojourn to the depths within seems to be an arduous and awesome one.”

“Although I do not wish to impose anything on anyone, I am eager to help those who take to this inner journey. The more you delve into the faculties of the human form, the more you will realize that each of your acts is sustained by My presence. The unfoldment of this awareness will eventually lead you to the fullness of life in Me.”

– Conversations with the Awakener, Bal Natu





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