Highroads to God – All paths lead to God

A message about the paths to God was read out at one public function in Meherastana. It was entitled “Highroads to God” (at Mahewa):

In an important sense, all walks of life and all paths ultimately lead but to the one Goal, meaning, God. All rivers enter into the ocean, in spite of the diverse directions in which they flow, and in spite of the many meanderings which characterize their paths. However, there are certain highroads which take the pilgrim directly to his divine destination. They are important, because they avoid prolonged wanderings in the wilderness of complicated byways in which the pilgrim is often unnecessarily caught up.

The rituals and ceremonies of organized religions can lead the seeker only to the threshold of the true Inner Journey which proceeds along certain highroads. These remain distinct from each other for a very considerable distance, though toward the end, they all get merged in each other. In the earlier phases, they remain distinct owing to the diversity of sanskaric contexts of individuals and the differences of their temperaments. In any case, it should be clear from the very beginning that, although the roads may be many, the goal is and always will be only one, meaning, attainment of Union with God.

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p3983

[Hamirpur darshans Nov, 1952]

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