How can you be free of actions? – Part 2

The state in between states 1 and 2 may be compared with a child awake and out of the cradle. It is an example of conscious action.

The state of the majzoob of the seventh plane may be compared with a somnambulist. The somnambulist walks about or performs other actions in his sleep and is not aware of what he does in this state. Similarly, the majzoob of the seventh plane does actions, but is not conscious of them. His is unconscious action — he eats, drinks, speaks, moves, et cetera. But all this is his unconscious action.

The state of a Perfect Master may be compared with a child wide awake, but inside the cradle that is continuously rocked by mankind. It is conscious, active inaction. Inaction is being inside the cradle, and active inaction is rocking of the cradle by others.

God is conscious inaction indeed. And the tranquility of this conscious inaction is so very profound that it gives God the attributes of infinite power, infinite knowledge and infinite bliss.

This should be read two or three times to understand; it is difficult. Hafiz has said: “The universe and its affairs are nothing into nothing.”

Our bondage is due to actions. Good action is binding, and bad action is binding. One has to go beyond actions — then there is no binding. One cannot go beyond actions unless one is in sound sleep because of impressions which need expression. Expression in turn creates actions, and actions create [further] bindings.

Don, when you sleep soundly, you are in the Original State of God. There are no bindings, no actions. But past actions demand that you get up, so you start putting your impressions into action. The Goal is to go to that Original State of yours of inaction, but consciously. In sleep you are unconscious and there is conscious inaction.

How can you be free of actions? Again we fall back on love. Love is the remedy. Not only in this incarnation, but every time I come I stress that love is the remedy.

We have seen the masts. They love me so intensely there is no occasion for sleeping, talking or eating. Don’t force yourselves to love in that way. It comes naturally., p4378
May, 1958; Myrtle Beach

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