“I am not a ‘good man,’ I am God-Man!”

Irene Conybeare, Francis and Olla Goldney were seated behind Baba during the poor program. Olla had always been somewhat reserved toward Baba, but when she saw him amidst the poor, she turned to her husband and remarked in broken English with her Scandinavian accent, “He is goo-od man.” Although apparently engrossed in bowing to and washing the feet of the poor, Baba at once swung around, looked Olla straight in the eyes and gestured through Eruch, “I am not a ‘good man,’ I am God-Man!”

Later, when relating this incident to the women mandali, Olla said that when Baba looked at her and said what he had with such authority, she was convinced he was the Avatar.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4196
Aug, 1957; Meherazad

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