Infinite compassion through infinite cruelty

During July, the impending sahavas congregation was discussed, and Pendu became the target of Baba’s “arrows.” Although Pendu was still unable to walk unassisted, without crutches, Baba would often harshly criticize Pendu for not paying full attention to all the necessary arrangements which had to be made for the sahavas.

One day Baba called Pendu, Padri, Vishnu and Don to Meherazad to discuss the sahavas. Baba was in a serious mood that day. Pendu stumbled into the hall, sat on a chair, and Baba asked him, “Did you sleep last night?”

Pendu replied, “How can I sleep? I’ve got terrible pain; I cannot sleep, I cannot eat properly. It is unbearable for me!”

Baba scolded him badly. “Have you any shame? You think of your own pain, do you ever think of mine? You suffer for yourself, but I am suffering for the whole universe! What will happen if you die? Nothing. Have you any idea of how much pain I have? How much I suffer? And still, I see to every small detail. You remain lying in bed and have nothing to do all day long!

This time, I, myself, will look after all the arrangements and will not require your help.

“Go on, relax at Meherabad,” Baba taunted, “this time, you won’t be given any work! You are most selfish. I don’t want to see your face! Get out of here!”

Pendu burst out weeping, but it did not stop Baba’s onslaught, and he castigated him further. Distraught, Pendu returned to Meherabad with the others. When he began weeping, Jim also had tears in his eyes over Pendu’s pitiable condition. But after Pendu left, Baba told Jim with a smile, “In order to become infinitely compassionate, I have to become infinitely cruel.”

– (Revised 2014), p4190
Jul 1957; Meherazad


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