Baba is happiest when embracing a mast

Baba embracing Shariat Khan, Bangalore

The second sadhu* contacted was a young [during Khumb Mela at Allahabad, 1941], handsome man of about 30, who saw Baba from a distance. For a while he began dancing as if overcome with happiness. He paced about and then sat down — the feeling had overpowered and exhausted him. Baba embraced him as if he were his dearest child! The young sadhu was completely naked, and his body was covered with dust and sand. He was known as Nanga Mast. He would walk about Allahabad with his eyes turned upward so that only the whites could be seen, without colliding into people or objects. But his conversation was irrational.

He was taken aside to an empty tent to be contacted, and after half an hour, he suddenly crawled away under the canvas of the tent, but Baba was highly pleased with the meeting, and later revealed to the mandali, “The beginning [of His work of bowing down to 7000 sadhus/masts at the mela] is good. He is a soul drowned in the Ocean of divine love. If someone were to ask me what makes me happiest, my reply would be embracing a mast, like the one you saw today.”

Referring to the love of the sadhu-mast, Baba added,

“Such love consumes the false ego and annihilates the lower self. Divine consciousness dawns and the Highest asserts itself. Just as the state of man’s communion with God, the soul’s identification with the Oversoul, and the lover’s union with the Beloved are beyond the realm of understanding, so also is the state of this perfect lover of God indescribable.”, p2252
Dec, 1941 ( Khumb Mela); Allahabad


* Among the thousands at the fair, this young one was the only real, advanced soul there who made Baba happy. [LM, p2254]

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