“There are two lakhs [200,000] of masts in India”

Baba with Mohammed Mast


From Najibabad, Baba and his four companions took a train for Ajmer. On the way, Baba spoke about the number of masts in different countries:

There are two lakhs [200,000] of masts in India. There are one thousand masts in Russia and one thousand in China. In Europe there are only a few masts. Masts in India are original office [holders] spiritually; those in Europe are agents, who draw spiritual force from Indian masts. In Rome, there is one very advanced mast. The agents are linked with the original office bearers. Indian masts are officers in charge of regions. They also control the European regions through the agents. The Rome agent collects “power” from India and distributes it to the European agents. The Russian masts and Chinese masts are like Indian original workers and, in addition, help the European masts through the Rome distributer. The Russian, Chinese and Indian masts render reciprocal help.

The dead souls from India, who are spiritually degraded, are reborn in the West. The West dead souls who are meritorious are reborn in India and the Indian meritorious are reborn here to advance spiritually.

The Avatar is always born in Asia. Avatars are born only on one world [planet]. As that world cools down and becomes uninhabitable, in the meantime, another world becomes life-evolved and eventually replaces the first one. This is going on from time immemorial. There are crores of worlds.

There was chaitanya [consciousness] when the Ocean was calm; when it moved, imagination started.

-www.lordmeher.org, p2294
Jul, 1942; On travel to Ajmer

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