Heartfelt prayers but not list of wants


All the time pray to Me — it is good to pray. But the prayer that reaches Me is not a long list of your wants. That will never reach Me. Just My Name — even if it be just My Name it will reach Me.

But then man’s heart is such that when it pours out — it pours out with many words, those words help you to glorify Me. And even if there is a long, long list of all the glories that you attribute to Me, that will reach Me.

But when you crave for something, want something, and you ask Me as your prayer — that prayer does not reach Me. But if you ask Me and don’t expect an answer, then that prayer reaches Me.

-Practical Spirituality, p197


“In the inner spiritual panorama of the universe nothing is more sublime than a spontaneous prayer. It gushes out of the human heart, filled with appreciative joy.”
(Beams, p72)


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