“If you take a complete turn, you experience yourself as infinite” – Part 1

Don Stevens then read another of Baba’s discourses about evolution:

In the subhuman stage, the consciousness of false self or false “I,” which is very slight, provides scope for evolution. In the human form, the evolution of consciousness is completed and it becomes full. Love comes into play actively for the first time. As love plays the part more actively and fully, the false “I” begins to get consumed more and more.

Eventually, when love is at its zenith, the false “I” gets totally consumed by love. This results in consummation of lover and love at the altar of the Beloved. Neither does the lover remain in love, nor does love reign supreme over the lover. The Goal is attained. The Beloved is supreme over his self. There is nothing except the Beloved; everything else is consumed.

Baba further stated, citing Beryl Williams of New York:

I will now explain what cannot be explained. You should try your best to understand what cannot be understood.

Here is Beryl. You, Beryl, are the Infinite Ocean, but as a “drop” of that Ocean, you have three layers. You see, hear and smell, do this and do that, not from within, but through your eyes, your nose, your outer layers [five senses]. That which you see is from the outer layer of your Infinite Self of which you are the drop. Beryl does not see the Infinite through the outer layer of her senses. Beryl uses energy, becomes active and so forth. That is not you, you do not go anywhere, you are infinite. It is the drop that sees and moves, and as a drop you feel limitations. If your hand is cut off, your legs are cut off, you always feel that you are Beryl. You are not the hand, not the body; it is the mind that makes you think you are limited.

Baba called for a hat, a pillow, a pen, a box and a notebook, and continued the discourse:

Here is Beryl, the Infinite, in the shape of a hat. Beryl is unlimited, she is infinite. There is no end to her. But Beryl eats, drinks, does everything through these layers [five senses].

[Baba pointed to the notebook, pen and box on the pillow.] What is required is that Beryl, instead of doing things in this outer direction [crown of the hat], turns inwardly and sees everything as infinite. Just a turn [Baba turned the hat around inside out so that it opened to the opposite side], and she sees herself as infinite. If you drop one layer, there is another and so forth. You continue to see illusion through the layers. If you take a complete turn, you experience yourself as infinite. [Baba put the hat on to everyone’s delight.]

-www.lordmeher.org, p4375
May, 1958; Myrtle Beach

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