Intellect cannot grasp the ways of Perfect Masters – Part 1

On the morning of Good Friday, 15 April 1960, Baba explained about the Perfect Master Bayazid:

Bayazid was a Qutub, well known in the Sufi world.

A Sufi poet has sung: “Only after cycles is one born like Bayazid!” He hailed from Khurasan [Iran]. Once a man, who walked 70 miles, came to him and told Bayazid, “My brother has deep love for you. He is seriously ill and is calling you to him. He could not travel such a distance, so he has sent me to you with a request for you to visit him before he dies.”

Although very old, Bayazid went to his lover, walking ten miles every day for a week. People were amazed that he, who had never set foot in their town before, came only to see one man.

After seeing the man, Bayazid declared, “My work is done.” And covering ten miles each day, he walked back home.

It was his habit to change his kafni [robe] each day and see if anything was left in the pockets. When he returned home, he took off his kafni and on examining it found an ant. Bayazid thought: “This ant has come from that town,” and so saying, he started out on foot again back to that place. He walked the 70 miles and, leaving the ant in the town, he walked back home again and soon after gave up his body.

Why did he go back? How meaningful was it? How much work did he do? Intellect cannot grasp it. Only he knew why he was doing this particular work. So, I always say: Do as the Perfect Master tells you to do, and do not use your common sense. The Perfect Master’s work and statements are beyond the reach of intellect. Just go on doing as he directs.

Once, an inquisitive and doubting man went to Bayazid and said, “You, being perfect, ought to know the thoughts of others. What am I thinking of just now?”

Bayazid replied, “You are thinking that which you ought not to have thought of, and asking that which you ought not to have asked. Had you come with an open mind and curbed tongue, you would have received that which you ought to have received, instead of this well-deserved rebuke.”, p4660
Apr, 1960; Guruprasad


“Truth is to be experienced. Intellectual knowledge does not lead to Truth.”
(, p2612)

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