“It is best that you stick to me alone”


During one session (on 30 May), Baba told his lovers:

I often warn my lovers not to visit any saints. Why do I do so? Because in that case there is a likelihood of your breaking the instructions that I give you. For your personal, spiritual upliftment, such incidents are most undesirable, and for me, as I take you to be mine, it becomes an added suffering. If you have faith in me as the Ancient One, it is unnecessary for you to visit any saint or sadhu, or promise any such persons to obey his advice.

For instance, suppose I have ordered you to observe fast and during that period you visit a saint who offers you prasad and asks you to eat it. This will put you in a dilemma. If you eat this prasad you break my order; if you don’t eat it, you insult the saint. Such incidents have already happened, and so to save you from such a predicament, I have to warn you again and again to stay away from saints.

It is best that you stick to me alone. You will be benefited most by your unflinching loyalty and devotion. If you go on running hither and thither, you unnecessarily get more involved. This is my advice to my dear lovers only, and not to the visitors who come merely for my darshan.

My advice to the followers of other saints, whether false or real, is that it is not necessary for them to come to me unless they are ready to follow my instructions. No one should come to me for help unless he is prepared to obey me implicitly.

Baba quoted a few couplets of Tukaram, which meant: “Be careful in your dealings and contacts with saints, for, if you disobey them, there is a possibility of your best sanskaras being wiped away in no time, or of contacting such a type of sanskaras that are extremely difficult to efface.”

So it is better to respect the saints from a respectable distance.

I am not a saint, I am the Avatar [God Incarnate]. Tukaram, the Perfect Master, had warned people about their attitude and contact with saints. So how much more careful one must be about one’s contact with the Avatar, and especially about the specific instructions given, if any. Beware when you disobey my instructions willfully, for any disobedience will create a very tragic situation for the lover concerned.

The best course for my lover is to remember me wholeheartedly as much as he can and remain happy. So try to love me by remembering me, and leave the rest to me.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4645
Mar, 1960; Guruprasad


Photo Courtesy: Lord Meher

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