Intense longing to see God is only possible by the grace of Perfect Master


At this point, Kashyap quoted some lines referring to the intense longing for union with God. Baba liked them and remarked:

It is a nice quotation, but how does one create such longing in his heart? That is the difficulty. One must feel from the core of one’s heart that it is impossible for him to live without seeing God. His condition should be like that of a fish taken out of water. When such longing continues, one has the fortune to see God — the Ocean of Effulgence.

The intensity of longing necessary for one to become one with God can never be measured, howsoever high the gross standard. Such longing is a rare experience, altogether unique, and it is exclusively for one who is ablaze with the spark of divine love from the Perfect Master.

I am pleased with you. You can contribute much toward making good films by introducing spiritual truths to the public.

But be honest. Let not hypocrisy creep into your dealings. Try to respond honestly to the dictates of your conscience. I am with you; I am within you. But you should carry me with you. My blessings., p4671
May, 1960; Guruprasad



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