To see God you carry your life in the palm of your hand


One day after bhajans were sung, Baba remarked to the singers and musicians:

It is mentioned without any exception in all the holy books that God exists. The mystics, saints and the God-realized Masters from all faiths confirm that God Alone Is. So it clearly follows that God can be seen, and you are duty bound to find Him and see Him.

This becomes possible only when you carry your life in the palm of your hand. Only then can you aspire to see God. You can see God far more clearly than the things you see of the material world. It matters very little whether you visit temples, mosques, churches or fire-temples, or whether you follow or do not follow the rituals and ceremonies that are current in society. What is really needed is an insatiable longing to see God. For this, you must have an unswerving faith in your Master and undaunted courage to carry out your Master’s every command most willingly.

A few days back, you sang a song in my presence, the chorus of which was: “My Master has told me this …” And today, all that I have told you just now is the real thing worth telling, hearing and practicing, too., p4665
Apr, 1960; Guruprasad

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