Internal Silence – Part 2

Just imagine that you are on a special watch duty to guard yourself against grave danger to your very life. This “guard” means watching over unexpected and sudden attacks from deadly enemies who are determined to kill you. During that time, you have to keep on reproducing in your mind all that I will tell and explain to you tonight. If during this process other thoughts, like enemies, intervene, you have to be on guard and because of these try to stop and eject them. It is no ordinary meditation during these twelve hours. Just imagine how alert you would have to be under these conditions. Keep yourself like this.

On the 18th, the external silence will begin from 7 A.M., lasting till 8:30 A.M. Then the internal silence commences from 8:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M., which is more difficult, and again from 3 to 6 P.M. You can go up the Hill to a quiet spot to sit in solitude during this silence if you want. This silence is not like the internal silence of the yogis, nor is it for you. It is for my work. You can move about for nature’s call, et cetera, but with the continuity of the same central thought maintained. It is not necessary for you to sit apart during the ordinary external silence. But it is specially necessary for the internal silence. It is for this reason that I said that the day after tomorrow, the 18th, is the day of Karbala, when the suffering will be at its greatest, and the test the severest.

The existence of this whole phenomenal world is all due to your mind. It all exists because your mind works. Once the mind stops, the world of phenomena ceases to be. So, you will have to win this battle on the 18th. Such an occasion will not come again. We shall see which of you are prepared to observe this.

This program of work has a great spiritual importance and significance. This one day’s work, if done from the depth of your heart sincerely, will be equal to fifty years of penances, austerities and fasts done by a saint, because the Avatar of the Age himself wants you to participate in his work for the world. This is now the culmination of the work he has been doing for you.

What I want to impress upon you all is to do it with love and without fear of failing. If you do it conscientiously there will be no failing because it is I who makes you do it, and it is I who takes upon myself the responsibility. You are not to concern yourself with the result; otherwise, if you were to do it yourself of your own accord, it would be a very laborious process. You have to keep this thought predominant in your mind: “I have to do it for Baba, and not for my individual advancement.”

–, p2875

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