“It is really great to obey me when not knowing my True Self” – Part 3 (Final)


Hearts are not purified by following the external practices of religion. This is the essence of the three principles of Zoroaster.  Baba himself enunciated these principles during Zoroaster’s Avatarhood. These precepts are good thoughts, good words and good deeds. While doing the kusti [sacred thread], it should be done sincerely. A single impure thought means we are not worshiping God but offering worship to the thought.

I remember an incident of my childhood. My mother was insisting on my going to the fire-temple once, while I wanted to play marbles and fly kites. On her insistence I went to the fire-temple, and taking the Avesta [Zoroastrian holy book] I just skipped over its pages contenting myself that I had prayed. But if you want to pray to God, do it sincerely. I did my duty to placate my mother, but it was devoid of pleasure.

Better not to perform ceremonies and offer prayers, but if you want to do these, do them sincerely.

If even selfless service is hard to do, there is yet another way, and that is to remember me always. If you cannot even do this, then at least remember to remember me before breathing your last. But for that you will have to start remembering me from today because, if not, at the last moment you will not be able to.

-www.lordmeher.org, p3735
May 1955; Meherabad


“Honesty is the real thing. No one should try to pose as more than what he really is.”

(www.lordmeher.org, p3541)

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