It is dangerous to attach too much importance to the spiritual experiences

At this juncture one man said, “Somehow or other, my heart cannot accept the idea of Paramatma [God in the Beyond] becoming and living as a man on earth. I believe in Krishna, but only as aunsh [part] of Paramatma. However, if like Arjuna I am blessed with Vishwa Swarup darshan [seeing the Avatar’s Universal Body], I feel I will get the necessary conviction.”

Hearing this, Baba smiled and replied, “It was nothing short of weakness on my part as Krishna to have convinced Arjuna that I was divine by exposing my identity as Paramatma through Vishwa Swarup darshan.”

Baba continued to explain: “By itself, any experience, small or great, ultimately amounts to zero compared with God-realization. Some lovers in the West who regard me as God Incarnate write to me about their rare experiences, but those too have no real importance. Although it is heartening to have experiences, it is very dangerous to attach too much importance to them and to indulge in them.”

– (Revised 2014), p4174


To develop love, you have to do it practically; that is, you have to experience it in everyday life.
You must lessen your desires and make others happy by thinking less of your own happiness.
This can be done. By desire, I mean selfish desires.
It is all very practical and very simple; but people always make it complicated.”
( (Revised 2014), p1625)

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