The aura and the halo

During July 1957, Baba answered several questions for Irene Conybeare and dictated three discourses for her book, In Quest Of Truth: one on “Maya,” another on “Compassion” and a third titled “The Aura and the Halo.”  Part of Baba’s discourse, explaining the difference between an aura and a halo, is as follows:

The aura and the halo are two different things, and people are unable to distinguish between the two. Like their respective shadows, every man, woman, child and baby has an aura, but only a very few individuals have a halo in any of the varying phases of its development, and still fewer possess a full halo. An aura is the reflection of the emotions of an individual mind, just as any physical thing possesses its shadow on the physical plane. The halo begins to appear when the aura begins to disappear.

An aura is the mental reflection of the aggregate impressions of thoughts and actions gathered by and stored in an individual mind. Every individual aura is the image of a circle of seven colors and each aura differs from the other in proportion to the amount of each of the seven colors, according to the individual’s prominent impressions.

The halo begins to develop and an aura begins to disappear only after an individual starts advancing on the path to God-realization. When the aura begins to get more and more faint, the halo commences to shine more and more, getting brighter in proportion to the progress of the individual’s consciousness on the path.


–Date and place: Jul 1957;  Meherazad (Revised 2014), p4188

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