Keep Your Mind Quiet, Steady, and Firm – Part 1

Do not brood endlessly over petty matters and wear out your mind. This constant thinking and thinking weighs on your mind heavily and causes you much worry and anxiety for nothing. Do not let material thoughts or worries disturb your mind and eat it away.

Don’t be like a leaf tossed here and there by the wind’s slightest movement until eventually it drops off and falls to the ground.

Or for another analogy, take some small insect—a fly or mosquito—that troubles and disturbs. What do you do when you want to drive it away? You merely raise your hand and flick, forcing the insect to fly away from your ear or whatever part of your body it happens to be pestering. In short, you care about it very little, hardly at all. You consider the trouble it creates as trifling. Certainly you don’t fear it, or torment yourself with worries—”Oh, if the insect bites me, my skin might swell up in a boil that would cause me pain. The infection might spread, causing a fever. I will have to suffer so much!”—and so forth and so on. If you were to give vent to your thoughts this way, they would drive you to desperation and madness! But the fact is that you don’t do this in the case of every little insect that makes itself a nuisance to you.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p291
11-November-1926; Meherabad

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