Keep Your Mind Quiet, Steady, and Firm – Part 2

In just the same way, try to drive away the idle words of the people of the world that happen to fall upon your ears, just as you would drive away an insect with a wave of your hand, remaining yourself indifferent and unaffected by it all. Stick to one thing only—the one eternal Truth. I have seen It and experienced It, and I tell you this on basis of my own experience, that except for that Truth, there is nothing, absolutely nothing in this world or anywhere outside of it. There was no past, there is no present, there will be no future: nothing is, nothing absolutely, except as an idle dream.

Those who dream about father, mother, children, wealth, property, and all the rest of it dream only vacant dreams. For nothing like this actually exists. All the world, all the universe, nay, all that you call existence (astitva) is merely, as I say, a vacant dream. These things are all like scenes seen and experienced in a dream that are found to be false and unreal when you are awakened. So stick to the Truth that is the one and only Goal for each and everyone.

With that aim in view, rush forward fearlessly, confronting the whole world if need be. This one and only Truth, this Paramatma, is nowhere to be searched for. For it is very near to you, much nearer than your own body. It is with you and within you. It is so close that you cannot even imagine it. Then why seek Him elsewhere and without? Seek Him inside. All of you could easily see Him but for the four big devils who stand in your way and block your view. What are these devils? They are: egoism (false ahankar); kam (desire/passion); krodh (anger); and lobh (avarice).

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p292
11-November-1926; Meherabad

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