Keep Your Mind Quiet, Steady, and Firm – Part 3

What are these devils? They are: egoism (false ahankar); kam (desire/passion); krodh (anger); and lobh (avarice).

(1) Of these four, egoism or ahankar comprises the greatest and chief danger. From your very early childhood to the far extremities of old age, this egoism, which keeps asserting “I am this” and “I am that,” “I want this” and “I want that”—this incessant “I” is the worst obstacle on the path of advancement towards the goal of Truth.

(2) Next comes that great evil, Kam or passion, particularly for sex. It is one of the gravest evils in the world and one of the greatest hitches and checks in the way to Truth. All must keep themselves wide awake and watchful, resisting its charms and staying out of its clutches. Kam is so powerful, not only as an evil on the material plane but as an impediment to spiritual advancement, that severe and strict restraints have to be put in place to keep one away from it. Indeed, one is not even to think of it, leaving aside the question of action! The slightest indulgence in thinking under the influence of kam renders you unfit for that great preparation necessary for spiritual advancement. As to this material world, an ordinary human being would find it difficult to remain aloof from this great evil to the degree required of those held fit and worthy of spiritual advancement, who, as said, are not even to allow their minds to think of it. To expect ordinary worldly people to guard against evil action in that respect, even that would be too much. In any case, never mind if the thought or idea comes—and such thoughts do come to almost everyone; but don’t put that idea into action. That alone will be enough, though trying not even to think about it, refraining from such thoughts as much as possible, would be much better.

(3) and (4) The last two great devils are krodh and lobh, anger and greed. Apart from the material evils that they give rise to and that accrue to one as a result, they are tremendously disadvantageous from a spiritual standpoint as well. Indeed, you can never advance in the spiritual planes if either of them holds sway over you, making you their slave and victim. Thus they set you adrift both materially and spiritually.

But on the other hand, if you succeed in mastering these four great “issues of ignorance”—kam, krodh, lobh, and egoism—then alone can you see Paramatma or Truth. Although winning mastery over them is a task supremely difficult, you should not despair. Strive on and on! Paramatma is near you, with you, within you, ever ready to help you in your honest endeavor to find Truth.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p292
11-November-1926; Meherabad


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