Leaving everything to Him: “Everything!…Leave your pleasures to me, leave your pains to me”

Those who lose their all in me find their all in me ever after.

While they waited, Baba chatted lightheartedly with his lovers, who sat around him in a circle on chairs and on the floor. He remarked, “I want you all to listen very carefully to what I say. It appears so simple, yet it is so very important for my lovers. To love me is to lose yourself in me, and to find me as your own Self is to leave all your pleasures and pains to me. What does that mean?”

A feminine voice answered, “Very simple – just leave everything to Baba!”

Everything!” Baba emphasized. “And remain happy! Leave your pleasures to me, leave your pains to me – and then you remain free! But it is a great thing, a difficult thing. Say you have three children and all three of them die at one stroke. Naturally, what can you say? You must not only say, but feel, ‘I leave all this to Baba. It is his wish, it is his pleasure.’

“Kabir said a wise thing. This morning when I was strolling here, I asked Eruch to write it down.” Eruch, and then Adi, repeated the verse in Hindi. Eruch said, “Kabir was a Perfect Master. All over India, people revere him and love him. He said this to his own Master. I will give you the English translation; Baba translated it this morning:

‘Nothing that I have belongs to me.
All that I have belongs to you.
What will I lose if I surrender to you?
What belongs to you!’ “

Baba emphasized, “That is what I want to tell my lovers: your pains and pleasures, leave all to me.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4038
Jul, 1956; Myrtle Beach


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