Life Circular 45

This is to all of you who love me and obey me, as well as to all those who would do so. Most particularly it is to all of you who have replied in the affirmative [Yes], stating your resolution to obey me and hold fast to my daaman under all circumstances, and irrespective of whatever may happen or may not happen, to stick to me to the very end.

This obeying me and holding on to me denotes, on your part, complete and unconditional surrenderance to my will, and as such requires from me no statement, no clarification or declaration, regarding the import or results of my Universal working in this world or the three worlds and beyond. Whatever I may say or may not say, do, undo, or not do — my lovers’ trust in me and resignation to my will cannot seek from me a reason or explanation. But because of my love for you, my dear ones, who are part and parcel of my Infinite Self, I state the following:

The infinitely crucial phase of my work has been completed to my entire satisfaction on the 28th of October, as stated by me. The essential period of work to follow will end equally satisfactorily on the 24th of December.

The result of this work of mine will be 100 percent established on the 24th of December.

This result will manifest in two stages: my humiliation, and my glorification.

In the stage of humiliation, the measure of your love for me and your preparedness to obey me will be tested, not by me but by the phase of humiliation itself. Blessed will be those among you who will hang on to my daaman through it all, emerging triumphant in the divine glory of my love.

The stage of glorification to follow will be when I break my silence with the Divine Word — the Word that will indisputably assert the existence of God in the mind and heart of man. The Word that will make the world know that God not only exists, but that He alone exists, infinitely and eternally.

I will break my silence and give the Word in 1960 — in any month, on any day, at any moment.*

The work ending on 28th of October can be compared to the amassing and arranging in a universal heap the accumulated rubbish of man’s ignorance in illusion that enmeshes him in the false and prevents him from realizing his true identity. The result to be “established” on 24 December will be like my applying the match to this rubbish heap.

The stage of humiliation to follow will be like the smoke that will first result, getting into your eyes and “blinding” you, creating confusion and trying to envelop you. Do not let it confound you or cause you to panic. The fire that will follow will clear away all the smoke of doubt and confusion, its light will reveal the one Truth that Is, and all that is not will perish in its consuming flames. This is my glorification.

Do not worry. Be happy in my love and continue to hold fast to my daaman to the very end. Rest assured that all will be divinely well. God does not abandon those who trust Him. They who love me and obey me as I should be loved and obeyed will one day be similarly loved and obeyed. Those who have today willingly chosen to become my slaves will become true Masters tomorrow.

My everlasting love to each of you.

*A parable given by Baba on the postponement of the Breaking of His Silence –, p4616
Dec, 1959; Meherazad


Photo Courtesy: Lord Meher

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